This site has been a goal of mine for a while. It seems to be a good way to put my several kinds of work together in a unified package.  As much as I like to work on a painting and develop it into something I value, seeing them together on a screen is fun.  

None of this existed when I was at Pratt, in Brooklyn. Good art school, in that there were no answers to solve all problems.  The resident thought from there was to keep looking until you saw something. Every field of endeavor has unique targets of inquiry. Ours is less specific than some.  

I have been looking for a rum soaked chocolate chip ricotta cheese cake since one I last had on Myrtle Avenue.  It has not come my way since.  Maybe it has evolved out of existence.  Maybe it is still around the corner.  

My hope is that this site works as I have planned and you enjoy your time spent here.

Thanks, Jim Stewart